this started out as watercolour and ended up as eye pain colours


this started out as watercolour and ended up as eye pain colours






its never not a good time for this video

…… found it


can you believe there are people who haven’t seen this video before

It’s beautiful


In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall


In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall



YOU GOTTA tell me really explicitely because I can’t tell when people are actually flirting with me


there’s a thin line between word and world


don’t you hate it when the guy you want to be friends with only sees you as a romantic interest and you get RomanceZoned


i have a friend who has been taking birth control since she was 12 because she’s anemic and if she didn’t take it she would bleed out excessively during her period and end up in the hospital

dont fucking tell me that birth control isn’t crucial to people



Star-Lord- Part time dance instructor.

(PS. I opened up an Inprnt account quite a while back but this is the first time I’m mentioning it! You can grab a print of Rocket and Peter Quill dancing HERE )

Do you want them, Jack? Your memories?

Anonymous said:
In regard to your reblog about there being no white people in the avatar universe I must ask if you think that most of the characters are blended to make the audience see themselves in the characters? For example, aang looks very white but also clearly modeled off of Asian monks and katara and sokka are darker skinned but look white sometimes. Animation is about making people see themselves in the art so would you agree with this?


At what point do Sokka or Katara ever look white in the show? They were pretty much consistently brown/Inuit looking characters and I can’t ever recall seeing them portrayed as otherwise outside of the occasional scene with bright white light. Aang may look white to you, but he is very clearly modeled after monks and Asian designs as is Toph Beifong.

This is a show that was made specifically with the intention of using Asian and Inuit culture to create a fantasy world. In every form of media we are flooded with stories revolving around white characters, so it’s incredibly damaging when people say that there are characters in the Avatar world who are white when the creators of the show have gone out of their way to produce something that is so very clearly based on Asian and Inuit people. I’m not saying you can’t relate to a character, but relating to a character by whitewashing them so you can “see yourself” in the story is racist and it erases what little media presence minorities have on television. 

That last statement about animation might be true if we were talking about a show that was about a talking trashcan or something, but this is an amazingly detailed animated show revolving around humans, so the viewer is presented with a specific character view that isn’t left to interpretation. Please don’t think there are any white characters in the Avatar world because that’s a completely inaccurate and harmful view to have.


I just bought my Wonder Woman comic and these were the last two pages. Wonder woman makes me extremely happy.